Likely, your organization is already working with data. However, do the current efforts help to remain competitive and customer-centric? Data is still unexplored territory to so many of us. To effectively use complex data tools and analytics, the right set of human skills is necessary to create business value. 

How is data helping you to achieve your business goals? Do you have difficulties translating your business questions to your data team and vice versa? Are you looking for the right data talent to join your team? We can get you closer to those young profiles everybody wants. 

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We be­lieve that the com­bi­na­tion of data skills and human skills is a killer com­bo to be tru­ly suc­cess­ful in the field of data. It's our dream to create the Data Chief Officers of the future by finding and developing young, ambitious talent with the necessary transversal skills to create business value with your data.

ORMIT is partnering up with ORTEC, bringing the best of both worlds together. We bridge the gap between data expertise and the business by combining the right young data talents, Data Chiefs, and senior technical know-how of ORTEC. Ready to become more future-proof?

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Data Chiefs development

During our 2-year traineeship, we immerse them into the world of business analytics, data analytics, and data science. We don't let them start without a proper introduction. During our Bootcamp, they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in different data functions: programming languages (Python, SQL, R, …), visualization tools (Power BI, Tableau, …), and relevant business and human skills. Afterwards, the Data Chiefs are ready to help clients unlock their data potential. They'll work on projects in data an­a­lyt­ics, data man­age­ment, data pro­cess­ing, data stor­ing, etc. The learning doesn't stop after the Bootcamp. Throughout the traineeship, they receive training in hard and human skills, monthly personal coaching, and bi-weekly senior data support from ORTEC to help them solve business challenges in data.

The results?

  • Access to data talents with strong interpersonal skills 
  • Better connection between business and data efforts
  • Fresh perspectives from a new generation
  • Flexible collaboration at an affordable price 
  • Talents coached by experienced ORTEC experts

What data challenges do you need solved?

ORMIT and ORTEC combine their senior data and people development expertise in a modular approach. We provide solutions to four types of challenges. Depending on your organizational needs, we focus more on in-depth data expertise, the power of young data talent, or both.

Data Talent

  • Which profiles do we need?
  • Where can we find them? 
  • How can we attract them?
  • Short or long-term hire?
  • How can we retain them?

Goals & Structure

  • How to become more data-driven?
  • Where are we heading?
  • Which data do we have?
  • How to make our data (more) qualitative?


  • What's our data strategy?
  • What's our approach to reach goals more effectively?
  • How do we set the right priorities? 
  • Which policies do we need?


  • How to do a qualitative and efficient implementation?
  • How do we ensure company-wide business adoption?
  • How can we get temporary & affordable support?

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