We cannot deny it, the world is changing rapidly and is becoming more and more digital. Companies need different skills, we call it the skills of the future. Thinking about Instagram vlogger, IT specialist, Data Detective,... Certainly right, but there is more! In every department or role one comes into contact with data, digital and technology. Our Management Multicompany Trainees told us how they experienced these needed skills in their project.  

Jeremy – Data Analyst in the automotive sector 

Jeremy definitely understands the importance of data, he even loves it! Working on a project as data analyst was just what he asked for although he realizes that it has been one of his biggest professional challenges yet. Next to developing a car pricing program in Power BI, he offered to take ownership of the automation of management’s reporting. However, convincing the main users of the tool's added value was his biggest achievement. 


Charissa – Business Support in the industrial sector 

Different systems for various processes, a problem lots of companies have to solve these days. Our trainee Charissa took the challenge to do this at her project. The implementation had to be user-friendly, which is not easy when you have to work with standard software, but creativity always does the trick!  

Max (alumni ORMIT'er) – Project Management Officer in the non-profit sector 

 No project covers more technology than one at an IT department! As a PMO, Max had to keep an overview of all the ongoing projects to ensure an efficient way of working. His biggest added value? Challenging the status quo which helped to formalise and optimise the team’s agile-scrum way of working.  


Camille – Project Manager in the pharmaceutical sector 

Working on three different projects at the same time? Camille saw it as a chance to work with a lot of people combined with a lot of variety in her job: governance, process optimization by using data analytics and implementing New Ways of Working. Challenging? Definitely, but daring to question the current work methods made her grow!  

Siebren – Commercial Operations Coordinator in the aeronautical transport sector  

As a Commercial Operations Coordinator, Siebren was responsible for the financial and performance management of the bars and restaurants at the airport. His analytical input was used for the overall food & beverages strategy. However, his moment of glory, was finishing second place at the Brussels Airport Innovation Challenge. 


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