dries vp



I'm an energetic and passionate young professional looking to kickstart his career by taking on different professional challenges. I'm very passionate about strategy, management, IT and science. On top of that, I'm also a good analytical thinker and a fast learner.



I'm a young graduate with big interest in digitalization, innovation, business processes, entrepreneurial law and sports. I'm a team player with strong oral and written communication skills. I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I'm always looking for opportunities to optimize business processes. I'm eager to learn new skills and put them to use in a new environment. 




I'm a very well organized and structured person, eager to learn and trying to get the best out of every opportunity. I look back at past experiences and challenges to reflect on the things I can further improve. Being a sports lover, playing sports as a team also made me a real team player. I'll always try to lift the performance of the entire team and to motivate and inspire all team members. I take initiatives and I keep a strong focus on details and accuracy.



I'm an ambitious young professional who likes to step out of her comfort zone and is eager to leave her mark on every commitment by bringing it to its full potential. As a business student I have established an analytical background and advanced my critical thinking. Through my experience within the marketing team at Ralph Lauren, I've developed a creative mindset and an out-of-the-box mentality. My aim is to gain a challenging role where I can enhance my experience and which allows me to further develop my leadership skills.




As a person, I'm very sociable, a good listener and easy-going. I'm always up for a challenge because I'm competitive and I like to push myself to the limit. I find my challenge in embracing the new and finding myself out of my comfort zone. I get my daily energy from learning and exploring new things. Next to my analytical skills, my greatest strength is that I'm an engaged person with a lot of empathy for others.



I'm an enthusiastic, curious and pragmatic worker always searching for solutions in a positive way. I'm also a team player and I fell comfortable to communicate with everyone. I like human contact and I show interest and empathy.




I'm an optimistic person who is most at ease in an environment with different people. What I lack in experience, I make up with my eagerness to learn as much as possible and my interest in a lot of different fields. I'm a dynamic person working at my best when a creative output is needed. I put a lot of effort in good and clear communication since I believe this is the key to any good relationship.

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