Alright! Show me the O-factor!

The upcoming months we'll give a sneak peak on what we do and who we are. You'll get the chance to learn more about personal development, coaching, selection, networking, tips & tricks... You name it, we got it!

Twice a month we'll give a short session of 30 minutes (12h30-13h00) about a specific topic. Afterwards we'll answer to all of your questions. You can join one or more ORMITalks, just don't forget to subscribe! 

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Upcoming ORMITalks

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Entering the jobmarket during COVID-19

How do graduates feel about entering the jobmarket during COVID-19? Well, we asked! Kimberly will briefly discuss the results of our survey and additionally give you some tips & tricks on applying for a first job.

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Your personal brand on LinkedIn

Did you know people make a first impression within only a few seconds? While this is true in person, it is now also applicable digitally. Have you thought about your first impression on LinkedIn? Ann will tell you all about it! 

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The ORMIT journey of Eva 

Seven years ago Eva joined our personal development workshop where she discovered ORMIT was the perfect place for her. Want to know why she has chosen ORMIT and what she has learned over the years? Subscribe!

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