The pace with which things are changing is phenomenal. Organisations fight to keep up. People constantly need to adapt, whether it is to new ways of working (agile, digitally, COVID-proof,..) or in their personal life. We ask them to take ownership, to work autonomously, to stay engaged. The ORMIT Greenhouse aims at getting the best out of them. This is what’s in it for you and your organisation:

Become a talent magnet

Invest in your people and let their talent and engagement grow. Strengthen your leadership pipeline. Attract other talents who seek the same appreciation.

More effective teams

Stimulate self-awareness about strengths and pitfalls. Help people to get the best out of themselves and others. Create eagerness to learn and flexibility in change.

Better results

Go for strong and highly competent people. Set with them the foundations of a successful organisation.


Sharing the knowledge 

At ORMIT, we’ve been helping people see their career path more clearly for two decades, giving young professionals the opportunity for some field experience in various organisations. We help our ORMIT'ers discover what it really is they are good at and want to do in their professional life. At the same time, we train and coach them so they can turn their newly discovered potential into skills. 

Today, we’ve selected a few signature sessions in order to share our knowledge with anyone looking to develop their potential. In our Greenhouse, we invite you to tend to your own needs in a secure setting, before going out into the world and spreading your branches. 

Whichever track you choose, they all include: 

  • Intake session 
  • 6 group trainings 
  • Trainings about topics of your choice
  • Coaching sessions with a certified Talent Development Manager
  • Peer coaching

Just say the word

Would you like to know more about one of the tracks? Care to find out what your team is really capable of? Or maybe you’d like to organise a Greenhouse track for your employees? Whatever you’re thinking of, don’t hesitate.


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