I'm a hardworking, goal driven and passionate team player with a good sense of humor. I always look for new challenges and like to make the impossible possible! One of my biggest passions is sailing. Just like in sailing, I love to achieve something as a team, which is only possible if every individual is at his or her best. Once I’ve set my eyes on the prize, I won’t let go.

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I am a pos­i­tive and flex­i­ble per­son. As I play foot­ball, team work and lead­er­ship are ca­pa­bil­i­ties that I pos­sess. I am very mo­ti­vat­ed and like to mo­ti­vate the peo­ple around me to ob­tain col­lec­tive goals. In ad­di­tion, I am ex­treme­ly dri­ven and like things to move for­ward. My cus­tomer-fo­cus and struc­tured ap­proach to tack­le is­sues of­ten help me to find the best pos­si­ble so­lu­tion.



I val­ue peo­ple, as to­geth­er we can achieve bet­ter re­sults. Through­out my stud­ies and first job ex­pe­ri­ences I have dis­cov­ered that I'm good at jug­gling mul­ti­ple tasks at the same time, re­spect dead­lines and am able to de­liv­er qual­i­ty in my work. A skill I would like to work on is how to help teams com­mu­ni­cate bet­ter as I tend to have a more fac­tu­al style & ap­proach. I would de­scribe my­self a so­cial per­son and team-play­er, re­sult-dri­ven and ea­ger to tack­le dif­fer­ent chal­lenges and projects.

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I'm a team-play­er who likes to in­ter­act with team mem­bers and tries to in­volve the en­tire team in the project. My ea­ger­ness to learn en­ables me to be open to feed­back as it can only help me grow as an in­di­vid­ual. Thanks to my an­a­lyt­i­cal skills and high lev­el of de­ter­mi­na­tion I love to take on a chal­lenge.



My op­ti­mism and work­ing dri­ve are the as­sets I can add to any team. In for­mer ac­tiv­i­ties I showed a lot of com­mit­ment, which I con­sid­er as my most valu­able strength. Not only can I mo­ti­vate my­self for any kind of chal­lenge, I also have the qual­i­ty to en­cour­age team mem­bers to en­able their full po­ten­tial. I con­sid­er my­self as a re­li­able per­son who finds dis­ci­pline im­por­tant in each sit­u­a­tion. I pre­fer to be sur­round­ed by peo­ple, there­fore I am ea­ger to achieve great ob­jec­tives in a team.

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I am a prag­mat­ic pro­fes­sion­al with a strong an­a­lyt­i­cal mind­set, an eye for de­tail while stay­ing fo­cused on the over­all ob­jec­tive. I demon­strat­ed in my pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ences the abil­i­ty to learn quick­ly and to tack­le com­plex projects in un­known en­vi­ron­ments. As a team­play­er, I make sure that every­one in my team feels in­volved, in­formed and aligned to the ob­jec­tive.



As a team player, I truly believe in the advantages of working in team. Bringing together different point of views, will often lead to some new off beaten paths. Next to this, I am also convinced in the increase of encouragement and safety during the climb when collaborating as a strong team. As an ORMIT'er, I dare to question myself. Therefore I like to end with this quote from Leonard Cohen: “There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in”

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My goal for the fu­ture is to be­come a suc­cess­ful (HR) pro­fes­sion­al who is able to bal­ance an in­ter­est­ing ca­reer with en­joy­ing life to the fullest. As a hard work­ing in­di­vid­ual with team spir­it, per­se­ver­ance and high hopes, I wish to bring added val­ue to the en­ter­pris­es where I ex­e­cute my projects, while gain­ing pro­fes­sion­al ex­pe­ri­ence and achieve per­son­al growth at the same time.